As a state-licensed chamber of commerce, we hold elections every two years for our officers on the board of directors. If you are a member of the Chamber, you may vote for the board, and we encourage you to do so.

Elections are held in June, and results will be announced in July. The following Chamber members are currently up for election to the board:

David Kent, President
Staci Boggeri, Vice President
Sarah Auerswald, Secretary
Cynthia Fuentes, Treasurer
Eric Oxenberg, Media
Allison Beale, Events

We also have one open position for a board director at large, which any current chamber member may volunteer for.

We hope you vote for one or all of our board members or nominate your own. Vote at our upcoming Coffee Time meeting on June 20, or click here to fill out an online ballot entry. Winners will be announced in July.

Thank you!

Questions? Contact Sarah Auerswald, Chamber board member.