Make it Mar Vista will feature holiday shopping, live entertainment and fun, plus some very cool interactive art projects that every attendee can be a part of.

Mosaic Hopscotch

hopscotch design

hopscotch design


mosaic dove, example of Tracey's work

mosaic dove, example of Tracey’s work


This project, created by Tracey Corrine and sponsored by Jaffe Insurance, will take place on the front lawn of the Mar Vista Library, 12006 Venice Blvd. Attendees can help create a hopscotch game made of beautiful tiles, that we plan to someday have embedded in the sidewalk along our Great Street.

The Artist says:

We are building mosaic stepping stones for later placement in a hopscotch pattern in the sidewalk. This is part of Mayor Garcetti’s Great Streets Initiative for Venice Blvd in Mar Vista.

In this process, a cartoon, or pattern for the mosaic is placed under a layer of adhesive clear plastic and the tessera (mosaic pieces) are placed face down following the design. The tessera consists of various types of porcelain and sturdy tile of varying thicknesses and colors. In placing the pieces face down, it insures that they will all be flat and level.

Once all the tessera are in place, each square of the mosaic is put into a wooden form still face down and concrete is poured in to the form filling in all the gaps between the tile. Once the concrete is dry it is then removed from the form, turned over to reveal the design and is ready for its permanent home.

A Kids Place Alphabet Blocks Project

AKP teacher Estefani Akmari has created a plan to have Alphabet Blocks decorated by members of the community and then “hidden” along the Great Street for kids (and adults) to find as they stroll. Join the fun at A Kids Place preschool, one of our partners in the Great Streets Challenge Grant, where you, too, can help decorate a letter! This project is generously sponsored by Ketter Design. A Kids Place is located at 12306 Venice Blvd.Alphabet Blocks on Venice

Paint by Numbers Mural

Make it Mar Vista Paint by Numbers Mural

Make it Mar Vista Paint by Numbers Mural (artist’s sketch)

This project, sponsored by Coffee Connection, was designed by local artist and long-time resident Jim Carroll. The mural speaks to the many wonderful aspects of Mar Vista that we all know and love, and all attendees can help in finishing this amazing painting. The painting was created using Paint By Number Kit. The Mural will be located at the Main Event hub, at the corner of Venice and Centinela.

Join us on Saturday 11/28 for all the fun!



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