Make It Mar Vista

Make It Mar Vista 2015

Join the Chamber on Saturday, November 28th, 2015 for Make it Mar Vista, our Small Business Saturday Community Event. The Chamber was awarded one of 8 Great Streets Challenge Grants to help produce this event, and we invite people from our community and beyond to shop at local businesses, interact with local artists and each other for a day of true community engagement along our Great Street of Venice Boulevard. 

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Make It Mar Vista

The 2015 Make It Mar Vista: Small Business Saturday Community Event will include many events, and you’re sure to find something you’ll love!

Make It Mar Vista Kickoff Bike Ride at 10am along our Great Street loop with LACBC Ride Marshalls for safety.

Mar Vista Passport (MVP), which awards players with a stamp for each business they visit. Players may also receive an extra stamp for riding a bike, and an additional stamp if they’ve walked over a mile to attend. There are prizes for each stamp earned (so everyone is a winner), and prizes will be awarded on site.

Paint-by-Numbers Community Mural which will be created on canvas and will be something all attendees can be a part of. Afterwards, the mural will travel to various locations and businesses in Mar Vista to be exhibited as a memento of Mar Vista coming together.

Pop-Up Protected Bike Lane For the day of the community event, we will swap out the parking and bike lane along one block of Venice Blvd. (between Grand View and Centinela) as a demonstration of how this will look on a permanent basis.

Wayfinding Signs which are temporary street markers designed to let everyone know just how short a walk it would be from one end of our Great Street to the other, or to the next shopping or gathering area along the Great Street. The signs will encourage people to make the effort to walk or ride to a place they’ve never visited before. The non-profit Green Communications Initiative will help us with this.

Mar Vista Shuttle Free service to assist all attendees in traveling up and down our Great Street from Beethoven to Inglewood during the event.

Story Corps Mar Vista Living History Project which will make use of the app technology Story Corps has created to gather stories from people about Mar Vista’s rich history and vibrant present. Grand View Elementary School will partner with us on this project and ensure stories are gathered in both English and Spanish.

Artify Mar Vista Interactive Art Projects which will be managed by our partner A Kids Place, will include exploration of a mosaic hopscotch board for potential embedding into our finished Great Street and a set of alphabet letters hidden for kids to “discover.”

Edible & Sustainable Planter Boxes that will speak to Mar Vista’s Green reputation and demonstrate possible planting options along our Great Street.

Live Entertainment at the Main Event Hub which will showcase music and demonstrations from local musicians and performers including school groups.

Community Partners:

These are the awesome Community Partners who are working with us to bring Make It Mar Vista to life:Make it

Coffee Connection/West LA Café, A Kid’s Place Preschool, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Green Communications Initiative, and Grand View Blvd Elementary School.



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