Meet Lee Ann Gradwell, owner and founder of Call in the Cavalry, a home-based business located in the heart of Mar Vista, California, which officially opened on August 14, 2014.

Call in the Cavalry is a personal concierge service, providing personal assistance, transportation services and home organizational services to individuals, couples and seniors who simply need a helping hand around their home or office.

Call in the Cavalry is a business member of the Mar Vista Chamber of Commerce.

Call in the CavalryIn Lee Ann’s own words,

For me, becoming a small business owner wasn’t a consideration until the fall of 2013 when it became apparent to me that it was time to bring my 25-year career in the clerical field to an end.

I took the necessary time not only weighing my options as to what I wanted to be doing with the rest of my life (writing out a pros and cons list was essential to that goal); but also by researching how I could make a business out of the skills and abilities I had acquired throughout my life.

I knew I wanted to put my ample experience as an Administrative Assistant to use for others; and thanks to the teachings of my late mother, I knew my organizational skills would play a major role. I also knew that my years as a caregiver to my mother could be put to use as well.

By combining all of those skills: clerical, organizational and caregiver, I created my business, which I named Call in the Cavalry. Coming up with that name took a little creative thinking, as I first thought about using my initials, but the “LA Team” just didn’t have the right “kick” to me. That was when “lightning struck” and I thought, “Who would you call when you needed a helping hand.”

The answer became clear: Call in the Cavalry. No project is too small, even if you only need help for one hour a week.

Among the myriad of services provided by Call in the Cavalry are:

Data Entry

Dog Walking and Dog Sitting

Furniture Assembly

Holiday Help

House Sitting

Mail Management

Organizational Projects (in your home and/or office)

Running Errands

Transportation Services

And Much More

To learn more about Call in the Cavalry, please visit the website, send an email to or call (310) 302-7755.

When you need a helping hand…Call in the Cavalry!


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