We’re jumping with joy to hold our first meeting live and in person since 2020! This month, you’ll hear guest speaker Denise Berger of Denise Berger Designs talk about the many benefits of organizing your business environment and streamlining your workflow processes. You’ll learn why it’s both  economical and efficient:

  • Benefits clients, workers and owners: how organizing makes things easier for all concerned, sets clients at ease and simplifies your life, and what to concentrate on first
  • What does a professional organizer do, and why use one?
  • Howe organizing can actually be a profound learning experience for you.

We will also cover June’s COVID-19 policy updates and statewide regulatory changes that affect our corner of Los Angeles and, of course, have our regular round-robin introductions where you can take 1-2 minutes to promote your company and help us steer business to you Plus, celebrate our first in-person meeting since 2020 with treats and great coffee!

Where & When:
LIVE and in person!
Coffee Connection
3838 S Centinela Av.
Los Angeles CA 90066
Parking just south of the venue in their own lot
8:30 AM, Thursday, July 15, 2021

Meeting is free for current members, $10 for guests, and we promise it will be worth it! Please join us!